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~SIROSOBA~  Original Noodle

The Soup is
a blend of exquisite balance Chintan(chickens bred in Fujinomiya)
and soup stock made of fish clause made in Numazu.

Made fragrant originally combined by three types of salt
from Mongolia,China,Ryukyu(Okinawa),
white soy-sauce from Aichi,fish sauce from Noto, Kanazawa.

The straight medium fine noodle is made specially with Kanouya [noodle‐making factory],
which is a long standing noodle-making factory in Fujinomiya.

The toppings are long onions,needle ginger,macrophyll,
a slice of roasted chicken stewed softly,
and a slice of ripe tomato as an accent.
With a clear but deep taste,

not a salt ramen nor a soy-sauce ramen,
enjoy the new frontier "SIROSOBA".



① ~SIROSOBA~ Original Noodle [¥900]


【Toppings of Ramen】
② Seasoned boiled Egg [¥100]
③ Tomatos(2 Slices) [¥100]
④ White hair green Onion [¥150]
⑤ Slices of roasted Chicken [¥250]
⑱ Paste of Plum with Bonito (& Seaweed )[¥150]
21 TAKANA [¥150]


【A la carte】
⑥ Chicken grilled Dumplings [¥560]

⑦ White Rice [¥200]
⑧ Chicken Bowl [¥500] Small size[¥400]

slices of roastedchicken,Tomato,Rice with spice

⑨ Rice Porridge [¥280]
(Pour hot white soba soup on rice with spice,Shichimi pepper)

⑳Plum glare Rice [¥520]

22 Rice Porridgewith TAKANA [¥350]

Daily Special Appetizer ※For Dinner Only [¥500~]
(Please check the board in the shop)

⑪ Bottled Beer (Asahi/Sapporo)  [¥600]
⑫ Whisky with Soda (Nama-Kaku)  [¥580]
⑬ Shochu with Oolong tea (Kinmiya) [¥580]
⑭ Potato Shochu (Various types)  [¥680~]
⑮ Non-Alcoholic Beer(Asahi)  [¥480]
⑯ Oolong Tea  [¥280]
⑰ Orange Juice  [¥280]

◆All Prices Include Tax◆

※The speed of providing meals depend
on what you order.Thank you.

8-7,Omiyachou, Fujinomiya-City, Shizuoka, Japan
TEL 0544(24)2760